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Re: [Ovirt-devel] oVirt Source Repository Refactoring

Neil Wilson wrote:
2008/9/8 Perry N. Myers <pmyers redhat com>:
To do a build (similar to build-all.sh in previous releases) do:
$ make -f /usr/share/ovirt-release/ovirt.mk build

My base install Fedora server complains about the lack of rpmbuild
with this command. Is there a missing dependency on the devtools?


Sending to ovirt-devel, in case other people have the same question...

From: http://ovirt.org/install-instructions.html

Building the appliance from source

2. There are a handful of packages required to build the appliance. Some of these RPMs are located in the oVirt repository so make sure to follow the instructions above on installing the ovirt-release RPM first. Install them with:

# yum install ruby ruby-devel ruby-gettext-package rubygem-rake avahi-devel rpm-build libvirt-devel hal-devel dbus-devel createrepo appliance-tools gcc

Switching to ovirt.mk from build-all.sh didn't remove the requirement to have all of the above packages installed for the build.

Most of these dependencies are encoded as BuildRequires in the RPM spec files, however rpmbuild itself can't be a BuildRequire in a spec file.



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