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Re: [Ovirt-devel] oVirt Source Repository Refactoring

I am curious about one new quirk, however...

It seems that my /dev/loopX is being left mounted at the end of the build.
Is that intentional, or an oversight?

Ben Guthro wrote on 09/09/2008 09:46 AM:
yes, it does work as advertised.

I was doing
make SUBDIRS="..." foo
instead of
SUBDIRS="..." make foo

It would seem to make a difference.



Perry N. Myers wrote on 09/09/2008 09:36 AM:
Ben Guthro wrote:
please disregard (operator error)
I was specifying the environment variables incorrectly on the build line.

apologies for the noise.

No worries.... So did just building the node and node-image by overriding SUBDIRS work then? I ask because the ability to do what you are doing was partially the point of the repo reorg, so I just want to make sure it's working as expected :)


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