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Re: [Ovirt-devel] [PATCH-node]: Re-arrange the node spec file to use scripts

Just some general comments...

Comment on naming of the script (ovirt-install-node) from your other patch applies here as well.

Otherwise this looks fine as a first pass. A few things to keep in mind (stuff to work on later)

This patch is specific to solving the problem of letting the oVirt Server Suite running as an appliance manage VMs running on its own host. This is a good idea, but we should be able to further generalize this patch to support installing the ovirt-node RPM on any random F9 box to turn that box into a node that can be managed by oVirt.

Some of the hardcoded values in the stateful section (like the IP address and DNS information) would prevent this from working properly, so we might need to tweak things there. Also, it seems to me that the ovirt-listen-awake might not be applicable to the general case... Not sure how that would fit in.

But overall, this is a good first cut in the right direction, so ACK (assuming it's been reasonably tested :)


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