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[Ovirt-devel] NIC Bonding and Failover

In order to make this happen, the following flow occurs during the node's

1. the node submits its hardware details, including the list of NICs 2. the server updates the database, deleting any records for NICs that
    weren't reported, and saving records for new NICs reported
 3. the node makes a request to the new managed node controller, asking for
    the configuration file
    a. previously this was a hard-coded file, now it's a generated file
    b. the node submits the list of mac addresses mapped to the interface
       names for the system
    c. the returned configuration will contain at most two sections:
       1. a pre-augtool script
       2. an augtool file
4. the configuration file is saved to /var/tmp/node-config 5. the configuration file is then passed to bash for execution, to extract
    the two files
 6. if the file /var/tmp/pre-config-script exists, it is executed
a. this segment loads the bonding kernel module with the correct bonding mode
 7. if the file /var/tmp/node-augtool exists, then it is passed to augtool
 8. the network service is then restarted and the bonding is available.

To configure a node for bonding/failover/load balancing on the server, the
admin has to set a bonding type for the node. The choices are:

1. Load Balancing 2. Failover
3. Broadcast
4. Link Aggregation

Only one type can be set per-node.
Optionally the user will be able to set an arp ping address and ping
interval. However, at this time those features won't be surfaced.

The user will then be able to select two or more NICs on that node and
enslave them to a bonded interface. To do that, they will:

1. create a bonded interface and give it a name and an interface name
2. select two or more NICs and associate them with the bonded interface

The next time the node boots, it will load the bonding module and pass in the
appropriate mode for the bonding type selected.

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