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[Ovirt-devel] Re: NIC Bonding and Failover

+++ Chris Lalancette [11/09/08 17:15 +0200]:
I'm pretty sure modern Linux allows you to have more than one type of bond
active at a time.  I have no idea how to do it, though, so you'll have to
research it.  I'm fine if this is going to be a temporary limitation, but as
danpb points out, you might want to bond differently on machines with lots of NICs.

You should be able to alias each of the bonding types:

alias storage0 bonding
alias virtnet0 bonding
option storage0 mode=2
option virtnet0 mode=4

This, I believe, will give us the two bonded interfaces with the different
bonding strategies.

Yes, this question is very appropriate too.  Again, I'm not saying we have to
support this right now, but we need to be conscious of it.  There are 3 pieces
at work here (bridges, VLAN's, and bonds), which means there are 9 ways you
could do things: VLAN's on top of bonds on top of bridges, bridges on top of
bonds on top of VLAN's, etc.  We have to figure out which combinations are
completely insane, which are valid and make sense, and then make sure we can
handle those.  Yes, this is complicated :(.

Oh, now you tell me. :D

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