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[Ovirt-devel] Re: Configuration NICs

+++ Perry N. Myers [12/09/08 15:28 -0400]:
The relationship between Host and Bonding is a one-to-many, so we're already
able to do the multiple Bondings. I don't want to do the relationship from
the Host to the Bonding through the Nic though 'cause that's not a natural
way of thinking about it to me; i.e., the Bonding is an aspect of the Host so
it should be hung there.

Ok. So initially a Host can have multiple Bondings and each Bonding on a Host must have the same BondingType. Eventually we'll support multiple Bondings on each host with independent BondingTypes. This right?

We won't need to change the model at all: we support multiple bondings right
now. The limitation is just in the user interface design. But if Tim can do a
design taking those multiples into consideration, we won't need to change any
of the backend code I've written for the server.

Or something like that. Bonded interfaces all need to be on the same physical network (so have the same label) and the Label associated with a set of bonded interfaces is the same as the underlying interfaces.

For the bondings that would be the alias. For the nics we could have a field
next to each mac address where the admin could enter an alias for that and
have it persisted.

Well, the alias should be a rollup of the labels for the bonded interfaces. i.e. if you have 2 NICs bonded and each of them are labelled "LAN A" the alias for the bond should also be LAN A

Ah, okay, I see what you're saying. Not a problem. We can get the alias from
the Bonding pretty easily through the Nic.

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