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Re: [Ovirt-devel] Re: [PATCH] added ability to reprovision vm via edit vm form

Mohammed Morsi wrote:
Scott Seago wrote:
On the other hand, we're already getting the profile list on the WUI
-- the above problem will affect the WUI anyway unless we also
generate the cobbler profile list on the back end. Now we may
eventually have to do this anyway if we ever want to define
per-profile access control -- but as things stand now, just doing the
cobbler system bit in taskomatic doesn't completely eliminate the
cobbler connectivity issue for the WUI.

It seems the best / most flexible way for future requirements would be
to move all the cobbler calls out to task-o-matic, and setup some
caching system so as to not to run into the wui being hung up when
cobbler cannot be reached (for both setting and getting the profile).
Unfortunately, this requires significant design decisions early on,
including how and when we should cache, managing discrepancies (what if
the user picks a cobbler item from the local cache that has since been
deleting from the server), and semi-major model changes / additions, all
of which is out of the scope of this vm re-provisioning requirement.

 It seems to me that this should all become a separate requirement for
future development, and currently we can leave the implementation as is,
or move the bits setting the cobbler profile from task-o-matic into the
wui for the time being for consistency. I don't think the whole
create_vm process needs to be gutted from task-o-matic, simply the
portions involving cobbler if we go that route. After this component is
checked off, then we can tackle the issues and design considerations of
integrating cobbler with task-o-matic and the cobbler cache with the wui.


That seems reasonable to me. Note that when I said gut create_vm -- I didn't mean remove the operation entirely -- just remove the cobbler bits from it. Currently that's all that it does though -- so create_vm will once again become a no-op (like it was before we added cobbler). But we should still keep it, as it is a logical action taken -- it just so happens that at the moment there's nothing taskomatic needs to do for it.

So yes, lets pull out the cobbler bits from the create_vm action and put the cobbler image creation into the wui like you're doing for edit VM.


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