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Re: [Ovirt-devel] Feedback on the ovirt build docs

Perry N. Myers wrote:
Bryan Kearney wrote:
I just built ovirt based on the new repo split. Some feedback on the docs [1]

- You list the repos, which caused me to go check them out. Then, the cool make file did it again. I would suggest a note to that effect to save the download time.

Will make a note on the build instructions page to this effect.

- The make file variables should be higher in the doc. I started running the steps, stopped to make sure the repo was on the next branch, then saw that the variables would have done it for me.

I'll move that around.

- My first build failed, then I set the OVIRT_BRANCH and FEDORA_URL env variables and it worked. Dont know if I got a bad mirror, or if those have to be set.

They don't need to be set. But it is preferable to have OVIRT_BRANCH=next so you get the latest development code.

As I said, I may have hit a bad mirror.

Jim was toying with setting the default branch to next, but instead of that I could just make OVIRT_BRANCH default to next. Thoughts?

Yeah, I think if I am checking out the code I more then likely want the development branch.

-- bk

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