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Re: [Ovirt-devel] Modeling LVM storage

Hugh O. Brock wrote:

This looks good to me. One of the outstanding questions I have is what
(if anything) to do about deleting storage volumes when a user deletes
a VM, but that question goes beyond LVM specifically so I'm willing to
table it for now.

Take care,

Right -- this is definitely unrelated to lvm. Right now, of course, nobody can add or delete storage volumes through the UI. We'll soon be adding the ability for HW admins and end users to add new NFS and LVM storage volumes, although presumably end users could only add volumes 1) to attach to a specific VM "right now"; and 2) up to their available quota for the VM pool that the VM belongs to. HW admins (on the storage tab) could more freely add storage volumes. Right now our model makes no provisions for showing storage volume ownership other than what VM it's attached to and what storage pool it belongs to, so presumably if a user creates a storage volume to attach to a new VM, when that VM drops the storage volume (or the VM is deleted), that storage volume will be just like any other unattached storage volume in the same storage pool. So the only ones that can delete storage volumes will be HW admins -- who can delete any unattached NFS or LVM volumes in HW pools they have permissions on.


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