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Re: [Ovirt-devel] [PATCH node] generalized configuration persistence for oVirt Node

Alan Pevec wrote:
If local OVIRT partition is available, persist selected configuration files,
for now: Kerberos config, libvirt keytab and SSH host key.

To initialize OVIRT partition, boot oVirt Node with ovirt_init=scsi parameter,
this will format the first disk and create the partition.
For more details see http://ovirt.org/page/Local_Disk_Usage

Tested this and seems to work so ACK.  Fixed one minor typo below...

+# persist configuration to /config on OVIRT partition
+#   ovirt_store_config /etc/config /etc/config2 ...
+ovirt_store_config() {
+    ovirt=$(mktemp -d)
+    ovirt_mount $ovirt
+    cfg=$ovirt/config
+    rw=0
+    printf "store config:"
+    for f in "$@"; do
+       # ignore non-/etc paths
+       if [ $f != ${f#/etc/} ]; then
+           # check if changed
+           if [ "$(md5 $f)" != "$(md5 $cfg$f)" ]; then
+               if [ $rw = 0 ]; then
+                   mount -o remount,rw $ovirt
+                   rw=1
+               fi
+               mkdir -p $cfg$(dirname $f)
+               cp $f $cfg$f
+               print " $f"

This should be printf

I fixed the patch and pushed this to the repo.


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