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Re: [Ovirt-devel] [PATCH appliance] Create cobbler system entries for fake nodes with custom kopts

Jim Meyering wrote:
Perry Myers <pmyers redhat com> wrote:
node3 is created with ovirt_init=scsi causing the supplied 128MB
disk to be used for config info

node4 is created with ovirt_init=scsi and ovirt_local_boot
installing the node itself on the local disk.  To fully test
local boot the node configuration needs to be reset to boot
hd instead of net.

node5 is left alone for pxe boot with no local storage

One liner to toggle boot type for a domain:

OUT=$(mktemp) && virsh dumpxml node4 \
  | sed "s/boot dev='.*'/boot dev='hd'/" > $OUT \
  && virsh define $OUT ; rm -f $OUT

To be slightly safer, use '[^']*' in place of '.*'.
Then, if the XML is ever formatted so that there's another
single quote after the desired one, the substitution won't gobble
up everything in between.

Or just use perl's non-greedy "?" modifier:

  perl -pe "s/(boot dev)='.*?'/\$1='hd'/" > $OUT \

Pushed with your perl in replace of the sed in the comment.


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