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Re: [Ovirt-devel] [PATCH appliance] Handle errors for contacting host for local VM management better

Chris Lalancette wrote:
Perry Myers wrote:
Old rc.local snipped could possibly error out and cause cobbler setup to fail.
This revised section always makes this section of code successful even if
the local host is not setup as an ovirt-node.

I'm totally fine with doing the additional error checking, so ACK to that.  I'm
just curious as to how this causes cobbler setup to fail?  I didn't think that
an error earlier in rc.local caused later rc.local commands to fail?

Not sure myself... Alan reported that on appliance boot the cobbler import was failing to execute and attributed it to errors he saw in rc.local. I figured it couldn't hurt to put better error checking in, even if it doesn't solve the original problem :)


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