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Re: [Ovirt-devel] oVirt / Autobuild

Mohammed Morsi wrote:
I just committed the necessary autobuild.sh files to get oVirt /
autobuild working together. Attached is the auto-build.conf file used to
build all the modules. If building for yourself make sure to replace the
necessary "replace_me" with your own config, eg. server urls, emails,
and such. If building for yourself it also might be desirable to comment
out the base-urls pointing to the git.et.redhat.com repository and
uncomment the local filesystem uris. After this, subsequence commits to
the ovirt projects checked out in the indicated directory will be picked
up and run by your local auto-build process.

Two caveats are required before you can setup oVirt autobuild for
yourself. The first is that the "builder" user needs passwordless sudo
access so as to be able to automatically run the portions of the build
process that require sudo. The second is that you need a reworked
autobuild workflow file, host-build-modrepo.conf, which will be added to
the upstream autobuild project sometime in the near future.

Just a note: the builder account also needs to be able to invoke sudo w/o a tty.


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