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[Ovirt-devel] Re: The node now passes in the mac address and iface names during identify.

+++ Perry N. Myers [23/09/08 12:10 -0400]:
Agreed. Furthermore, we really should be using messaging for all of this. The only thing that -can't- use messaging will be the retrieval of the keytab if that is allowed in your environment. (Since the keytab will be necessary for enabling secure messaging whenever that becomes available)

But once messaging is in, we should have a call that the Node can send the Server to ask for its configuration information and the response should be something that a Node based program/script can parse to create an augtool file that we then execute augtool on.

Since this doesn't make it any worse (i.e. we've always downloaded augtool files via wget up until now) I say we let this in as it will enable us to develop the UI for multiple NICs. Once messaging is integrated we switch to using that as the transport for these queries as well as switching to not sending a whole augtool file over the messaging protocol.

That sounds reasonable to me.

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