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Hi all,

A couple of hours too late, but I guess most are sleeping anyway(!)
as ever see:




the relevant part of the CHANGELOG:

*** PLEASE READ THE README, it has changed ***

* NOTE, 'su' exhibits a "system error", when static linking is
  used. This is because the pam_unix_... module currently only has
  partial static linking support. This is likely to change on Monday
  June 3, when Alex makes his latest version availible. I will include
  the updated module in next release.

changes for .42:

* modified the way in which libpam/pam_modules.h defines prototypes for
  the pam_sm_ functions. Now the module must declare which functions it
  is to provide *before* the #include <security/pam_modules.h> line.
  (for contrasting examples, see the pam_deny and pam_rootok modules)
  This removed the ugly hack of defining functions that are never called
  to overcome GCC warnings... This seems much tidier.
* updated the TODO list. (changed mailing list address)
* updated README in .../modules to reflect modifications to static
  compliation protocol
* modified the pam_modules documentation to describe this.
* corrected last argument of pam_get_item( ... ) in
  pam_appl/modules.sgml, to "const void **".
* altered GNU GPL's in the documentation, and various other parts of
  the distribution. *Please check* that any code you are responsible for
  is corrected.
* Added ./Copyright (please check that it is acceptable)
* updated ./README to make current and indicate the new mailing list
* have completely rewritten pam_filter. It now runs modular filter
  executables (stored in /usr/sbin/pam_filter/) This should make it
  trivial for others to write their own filters.. If you want yours
  included in the distribution please email the list/me.
* changes to libpam; there was a silly bug with multiple arguments on a
  pam.conf line that was broken with a '\<LF>'.
* 'su' rearranged code (to make better use of PAM)
  *Also* now uses POSIX signals--this should help the Alpha port.
* 'passwd' now uses getlogin() to determine who's passwords to change.

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