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Re: Introduction

Cristian Gafton writes:
>I have just joined the PAM list and I am willing to contribute to the PAM 
>effort. I am one of the members of the team which released an unofficial 
>set of packages to support shadow on redhat systems (i386 only at the 
>moment - see http://www.braodwaynet.com/~shadow )
>So, for a newcomer, what should I do to get started ? What is done, what 
>more needs to be done, etc.

Tim Hockin writes:
>I am interested in helping out converting apps to use PAM...
>anyone care to offer an overview?

There's been very little work done so far on converting apps to use
PAM.  This is probably the biggest gap so far -- there aren't that
many PAM modules that implement security policy yet, but they most
immediate need is probably for applications to be converted, since
the most common policies are either already taken care of or under
construction by someone.

The first thing to do is visit http://gluon.physics.ucla.edu/~morgan/pam
and get and read OSF-RFC 86.0 (the DCE-RFC link at the bottom of the
page) to gain an understanding of how the system works, if you haven't
already done so.  Then get and read _The Linux-PAM Application Developers'
Guide_, available on the same web page in postscript, and it's also
available in linuxdoc-sgml format within the PAM source tree.

Since you've already shadowfied applications, you know which applications
need changing, and roughly where in each application the changes need to
be made.  You are probably a practical step ahead of the rest of us on
that score...

I'd like to work with you to integrate your changes into the official
version of Red Hat Linux, and if you need help with getting your
changes accepted back into the official version of each app, I'll do
what I can.

Does that sound reasonable?


"Ever wonder why the SAME PEOPLE make up ALL the conspiracy theories?"

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