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Re: passwd

On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Michael K. Johnson wrote:

> Red Hat Linux uses npasswd, which has lots of nice checking built into
> it.  However, its structure really isn't built around pam...  I am
> thinking of writing a pam-passwd package with the password checking
> libs from npasswd and the password-changing logic from the passwd.c
> distributed with Linux-PAM.  I would distribute it separately from
> Linux-PAM (too huge to include, especially with the dictionaries...)
> as pam-passwd
> Any objections?

If I may make a comment...

What I would think should be done is to concentrate on getting the
password changing itself working. Then it will be trivial to add cracklib
support (the checking lib which npasswd happens to use) to the input loop
- basically just one function call and 'gcc ... -lcrack'...

npasswd is so broken it is not even worth it to try and fix it. You'll be
doing us all a favor by making a decent password program that takes into
account all those PAMisms such as shadowing,aging,orwhatever.

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