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Re: passwd

Al Longyear writes:
>Ok. That's sounds good. I'll change it to use popen.


>Do you have a dictionary which can be used? I could not find a decent   
>one. I wrote a small script to actually use the 'ispell' dictionary for   
>the lack of a better dictionary as a list of words (normally in   

Well, why not grab the ones from npasswd?  If you like, I can send
them to you, or if you wish send you the output of
'cat * | sort | uniq'
I believe that they are all considered public domain wordlists; I
can't find any indication of a compilation copyright.

>As I indicated, I don't want to be a fasist either. If you feel that   
>npasswd is also good, then please, by all means, write a module. We all   
>can live together in this, I am sure.

After looking closely at passwd+, I see no reason to bother writing my
own thing based on npasswd.  IMHO, it would be pointless.  That's why
I already blew away my source tree.   passwd+ looks generally a lot


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