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This is to announce that .43 is availible.

"The tar-ball" is getting a little large now and so I am thinking
(following Micheal's suggestion) of breaking it up into separate
pieces that can be slotted together as required... Comments?

Sadly, there are not so many changes, basically I have made a new
module: pam_time.

Here are the relevant CHANGELOG entries:

Sunday 23 22:35:00 PST 1996   (Andrew Morgan <morgan@physics.ucla.edu>)

* The major change is the addition of a new module: pam_time for
  restricting access on terminals at given times for indicated users
  it comes with its own configuration file /etc/security/time.conf
  and the sample file simply restricts 'you' from satisfying the blank
  application if they try to use blank from any tty*

* Small changes include
- altered pam.conf to demonstrate above new module (try typing username: you)
- very minor changes to the docs (pam_appl and pam_modules)
- some Makefile changes to allow for pam_time and pam_terminal.



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