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r* utils in NetKit-B

I took Al's rlogind changes and made them work
 o without libmisc (since it hasn't been renamed yet)
 o with the latest rlogind sources that include things like kerberos
 o with that PAM stuff compiled in conditionally on USE_PAM so that
   the changes have a chance of being accepted into the official
 o with pam_close_session called when the session ends

I then made similar changes to the latest rshd sources, although the
code is gratuitously differently structured, which made it more
difficult than it needed to be, and they also seem to work.

Offhand, I think that rshd, and rlogind are the only things in
NetKit-B that need pamifying.  Can anyone think of any others?
telnetd doesn't seem to need it; it lets login do the work.

Once I'm sure I've got all the apps in NetKit-B pamified that need it,
I'll put up the source and diffs on ftp.redhat.com.  If anyone needs
any of these patches in the meantime, drop me a note, and I'll send
them to you.


"Ever wonder why the SAME PEOPLE make up ALL the conspiracy theories?"

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