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Re: PAM builds on Alpha!

Al Longyear wrote:
> The procedure for getting the passwd program to actually use the   
> libpam.so file from the /usr/lib directory is to not include libpam.a but   
>  -lpam. This tells the linker to resolve the library against the libpam.so   

This was never the intention.

The idea was that when the distribution is building itself it should
use the libpam.* library that it finds in .../Linux-PAM-X.YY/libpam/
. After a 'make all', you are supposed to do a 'make install', which
inserts the latest (correct) libpam library in /usr/lib/ and only then
are the programs (passwd etc..) likely to function correctly [things
like passwd and su need to be setuid root anyway].

This is why I have provided 'make remove' and now 'make sterile' make
options. I thought I made it so that the top level make file
complained when it is altered---hopefully to catch the possibilty that
you changed your policy about static/dynamic libraries... I will check
again when I get home. [ whatever the case, I should probably rewrite
the top-level README... ]



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