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Re: PAM builds on Alpha!

Andrew Morgan writes:
>Great!  [ As anyone who's sent me code will know, I simply hate
>warnings! But not having access to an Alpha, I'll have to let these
>go... :( ]

I don't know how you are avoiding the "function defined static but
not used" warnings when compiling static modules.  You said that
all the errors are gone, but I don't think so.  You get rid of the
"function declared static but never defined" warnings by declaring
do-nothing functions in the static modules, but all you are doing
with that ugly hack is trading for a "function defined static but
not used" warning.  I think it would be better to remove those
functions since they aren't doing anything, are only exchanging
one warning for another warning, and are adding unused code to the
modules.  Making the code ugly and adding unused text in order to
do a one-for-one exchange of warnings seems broken to me.

64-bit issues are what cause the warnings on the Alpha; it's not
unusual to have a lot more warnings there.  Don't worry about it
for now.  The warnings are mostly about promotion increasing
alignment requirements.  They really aren't important at this


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