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Re: thinking about pam

Brian Topping wrote:
> I am wondering how PAM expects to deal with user identities that are
> propagated via some other means than /etc/passwd.  I think this is the

Currently, the modules (libpam itself is not concerned by this sort of
question) and PAM aware applications that work with .52 do everything
through libc.  This is set to change in .53. Cristian Gafton and I have
been developing a new library "libpwdb" which will provide an alternative
but hopefully more flexible user database management.

Currently there is work in progress to have unix, shadow, NIS, RADIUS,
TACACS support in this library. It is still some weeks away though.
Following the completion of this library, we will provide some modules that
use this library. It is our hope that everyone will want to use it too(!) We
feel it offers flexibility that PAM aware applications will welcome.

> understanding of this is that the auth module below would use GSSAPI,

For the moment, this is probably a question for Ted...



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