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SafeWord licensing problem

Hi All,

	Um... We have a problem :) As you might know I was developing a
module that would allow one to use SafeWord card authentication system that
is used by Enigma Logic DESGold cards. The problem is that this module
depends on presense of a couple of header files that are not publically
avbailable. The module was tested under Solaris and linked against the
application library that Enigma Logic supplies with the server. This
application library does not exist for Linux at all.
	There are a couple of ways to go from here. We can try asking Enigma
Logic to tell us the protocol that is used for communication between client
and SafeWord server making sure that they do allow us distribute the
implementation of the protocol under terms of Berkeley  and/or GNU
Licenses. Alternatively, ( I am going to reread license agreement and see if
that is the case ) it is my impression that reverse eng. of a protocol is
the only way to go ( long, hard and ugly ). Finally, this module can be
added to the tree without either header files or library that it needs to be
linked against ( I am very much against that ).
	What are your thoughts?


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