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Re: thinking about pam

Marek Michalkiewicz wrote:
> Is there any documentation about libpwdb available?  Is it based on
> some existing standard API or something completely new?  Those who
> know me know that I prefer things based on existing standards :-).

Not quite yet. It is new. So you are likely to be unhappy... :(

It is likely to provide some overlap with the nss stuff, but it offers one
feature that is not (to my knowledge) offered by nss, namely the application
is at liberty to request data from the default or a specified database.
Having obtained data from the default database, it is clearly labeled with
its source; which database it came from. This will make it easier to
distribute accounts among a number of different databases, and for
applications to be written (that use the same API) to migrate users from one
database to another.. Not to mention PAM modules can be configured to
restrict access to users based on where their account information is

I will send you the working documentation tomorrow - let me tidy it up first
;) (and anyone else that requests it -- private email please). It is in a
state of flux at the moment so suggestions will of course be welcome..

[Did that sound too much like a sales pitch? ;*]

Best wishes


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