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Re: SafeWord licensing problem

Alexander O. Yuriev wrote:
> Hi All,
>         Um... We have a problem :) As you might know I was developing a
> module that would allow one to use SafeWord card authentication system that
> is used by Enigma Logic DESGold cards. The problem is that this module
> depends on presense of a couple of header files that are not publically
> avbailable. The module was tested under Solaris and linked against the
> application library that Enigma Logic supplies with the server. This
> application library does not exist for Linux at all.

Another option would be to use the TACACS+ and/or RADIUS protocols. The
SafeWord server suite supports both, and it would allow further
functionality by being able to use the plain jane TACACS+ and/or RADIUS
servers, which are available in source for linux.

The Safeword server (SASD) does have it's own protocol, but you get as
much functionality using TACACS or Radius. And TACACS+ and Radius are
standard, non-propriatary protocols.


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