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Re: GDBM/DB password file support

>  Because when we started this thing I had a look at nsswitch code. It 
>  looked _so_ discouraging when I was thinking to hack it, that I have 
>  started to reimplement it again... But maybe if somebody feels brave 
>  enough (I still think I know what I am talking about :-), there is still 
>  work need to be done on nis module of the libpwdb...

The stuff that's in the new glibc nsswitch implementation, or the NYS stuff?
Just curious. Might also be useful to stay in the same API, and contribute new
modules back to the appropriate people. Or maybe I'm blowing smoke again. (I
should mention that i missed the earlier part of this discussion because the
archiver I have on my machine went berzerko at one point and I seem to be
missing a few weeks of the mail)

>  > Just curious, actually, I'm in no rush. I'll probably make up a Kerberos 4
>  > module after .53 is out and contribute it back.
>  Okay, the libpwdb interface is in it's final stage, I would like to 
>  think, and I think that if there are any ppl feeling like hack to add 
>  functionality, we will make a private release sooner than Linux-PAM 
>  release. Andrew ?

Well, I would, but I can wait as well. No matter to me.


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