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Re: GDBM/DB password file support

On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Derrick J. Brashear wrote:

> Aren't you getting into the realm of what nsswitch does? Wouldn't it be better
> to just let nsswitch do it? Or do I misunderstand libpwdb?

This is starting to look very ugly. So now to select an authentication
method we have to configure what 3 files?


PAM was not only supposed to make things modular and pluggable must also
centralized. Why should the pam_unix module be able to do RADIUS
authentication? Even NIS and shadow are questionable. All this different
systems should be merged into one. PAM. Yes the there is a lot of code
sahred between the unix, shadow, nis, and radious modules. But dont make a
single module that selects on the fly what method to use! Write a library
so share the code, and compile the modules separetly. If I want NIS I'll
add the pam_nis module to pam.conf. Thanks.

Just my $0.2.

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