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Re: GDBM/DB password file support

On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Andrew G. Morgan wrote:

> The problem is that Sun defined what PAM is supposed to do. It is basically
> an authentication front end. Period. We might make a more general pluggable
> API, but if we want to stick with the standard, I think we need a
> (single) complimentary database library.
> Applications require more than authentication. They may need to know the
> home directory of a user they are granting a service to for example.
> libpwdb is an attempt to provide a single yet flexible database API that
> will address the needs of PAM and of applications at the same time..

I see. I would extend PAM but and do things the right way but I know you
value sticking to the standard. If an application needs to know where the
home directory of a user is then that is part of the authentication
process. So what happens when say we want hesiod authentication? Do we
make a PAM module? Do we make add it to libpwdb and add yet another
protcol to pam_unix? Do we do both?

> This is a good point. The answer always seems to come down to "code
> redundency". The beauty of PAM is that you can write your own unix module if
> the one available is too powerful for your needs. The only reason the
> pam_unix module we are working on will do all this is that "with libpwdb" it
> should be very easy... :)
> Best wishes

BTW, dont let me stop you doing anything. I really appreciate all the work
you and everyone else has put into PAM, and Linux in general.

> Andrew
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