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Re: My Pam is broke....

Maddog McCree wrote:
> In var/log/messages I saw:
> Oct 11 09:15:51 thor pam[3290]: pam_get_user: no where to record username
> Oct 11 09:15:51 thor kernel: login: memory violation at pc=155558d2940 
> rp=155560 84ccc (bad address =00000000)                                                 

This is a really strange error. Basically, pam_get_user (in libpam
with prototype:

int pam_get_user(pam_handle_t *pamh, char **user, const char *prompt)

) has been called with user = NULL :- this means that the calling
application/module has not specified where it wants to place the username
after it has been read! Sounds like a pretty useless call to pam_get_user!

> the pam.conf is the one that is distributed with redhat.

Which version of the library are you using and which login binary (version).
I cannot really comment on any modifications that were made to libpam-0.50
by Red Hat for their release. But the call to pam_get_user is definitely the
source of that error.

Hope that was helpful,


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