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any pointers to a PAM-aware xtacacsd application?

Hello. I'm starting to write to this list.

First of all, kudos to RH for including PAM in their new distribution. I
was impressed of being capable of copying a backup of shadow passwords
over the file distributed by RH. It was delightful to see xdm, wu-ftpd, 
etc. working as before.

Now I'm searching for a PAM-aware xtacacsd. This software authenticates
users connected to an Access Server, for example, against a list of
TACACS servers. Each of these have a daemon, xtacacsd, which authenticates
users against their password files. In a non_PAM environment, one have to
have a non-shadow version and a shadow version. If a PAM-aware xtacacsd
is developed, please tell us where is it. If not, I can change the
3.4 UWO version to a PAM-aware application.


Mario A. Guerra (mguerra@ns.ucr.ac.cr)
Soporte de UNIX y Sistemas Abiertos (UNIX and open systems support)
Unidad de Redes, Universidad de Costa Rica, San Pedro, Costa Rica
Telefono (Phone): +506-207-5673,  Fax:  +506-225-5911

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