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Re: s/key module

"AGM" == Andrew G Morgan <morgan@parc.power.net> writes:

AGM> Joshua Spoerri wrote:
>> where can i find the s/key pam module?
>> i couldn't find anything on the web

AGM> Jeff Uphoff was working on this in the "early" days.. He's been
AGM> very busy in the last few months so I'm sure he would like some
AGM> help in getting it finished..(Jeff?). The work he did is to be
AGM> found at

AGM> 	ftp://linux.nrao.edu/pub/linux/ALPHA/PAM/juphoff/

AGM> But there is probably a lot still to be done to get it working.

I actually had it working basic-functionality-wise under a very early
release of libpam, so hopefully it only needs some tweaking to be
functional under recent releases.

I've planned on a code reorganization and a fine-toothed-comb scouring
of the code for security before "officially" releasing it, but I've just
had other things in the queue ahead of it for some time.  (I've also not
had time to keep up with reading the PAM mailing list, so I've got to
catch up on that for policy issues and such too.)  With luck, I may get
working on this again in the next couple of weeks.  (Yea, I know...I've
said that before.  <sigh>)


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