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Re: Solaris 2.5

Andrew G. Morgan writes:
> > I have noticed that it uses PAM, apparently. The /lib/security is there.
> > Are the authentication-aware applications (xdm, login ,su) PAM-aware?.
> > If I'm not wrong, PAM was developed by Sun, right?.
> I'm not so sure that 2.5 has PAM as more than a "internal" feature
> currently. On our Sun systems at work, we have the modules in
> /usr/lib/security but nothing in the way of an /etc/pam.conf file..
> Since there are a few Sun lurkers on this list, perhaps one of them can give
> a semi-official comment?

Solaris 2.5 has a non-stackable, non-configurable, sun-private version
of "PAM". I think all the system-entry programs (like login, su) link
with libauth, which loads the modules in /usr/lib/security. The PAM
as you know it won't show up until 2.6 (April?), although I thought
a version of CDE was going to ship with PAM bundled with it before 2.6.
Someone still working at SunSoft may know.


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