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Re: shadow and other questions..

>I apologize if this has been answered in a FAQ or other document.  I've
>been doing a lot of hunting to find out the answers and can't seem to come
>up with anything.
>First, I have heard PAM is shadow-capable.  I have a couple Alpha UDB's
>running RedHat 4.0 (Linux kernel 2.0.22) that I will be using for unix
>shell accounts and for obvious reasons, I would like to shadow the
>passwords.  Is this possible with PAM?
>Alternatively, I've also heard that PAM can authenticate using RADIUS.
>Are there modules available to do this yet?


I have been told shadow on the Alpha is broken, apparently due to
a libc problem.

I would be very interested in a Radius Solution, or even more
interested in a Tacacs solution (I have written a NT/Mac tacacs
server and would love to centralize things)

Please let me know if you here anything about radius that does't
show on this list.


Lance Ware
Director of Computing & Communications
VOXEL                                              http://www.voxel.com/
Fax 714-348-8665

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