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Re: PAM Questions RE: S/Key

"j" == jafo  <jafo@tummy.com> writes:

j> Greetings.  I just picked up the PAM stuff and decided that I wanted to get
j> S/Key working with it.  I saw that there was an S/Key PAM out there already,

There is.

j> but it doesn't look like that one has been touched recently.

It hasn't.

j> That one doesn't look like it's "production ready",

It's not.

j> and it's also using s/key version 1.1.

It is.  (1.1b to be exact.)

I cobbled together that module during the first couple of weeks of the
PAM project's existence, but have been so busy since then that I've been
unable to touch it since that initial hack (circa libpam version 0.1!).

j> So I'd like to start out by registering pam_skey2 as an S/Key that's
j> based off of the libskey version 2.2.

By all means do!  I've "promised" to get working on and finish my S/Key
module RSN on a couple of occasions, but haven't been able to follow
through yet.  And now I'm switching jobs within our organization (from
sysadmiming to scientific application programming), so until the switch
is done it'll likely continue gathering dust.

*sigh* By the time I get mine done, it might be obsolete....

j> This afternoon I was able to get most of the way there.  If anyone else is
j> interested in an S/Key PAM, it'll probably be ready for early testing in
j> the next couple of days.  However, I have a couple of questions.

I've received several queries about it due to my name being on that
first stab at PAM S/Key.  I can dig these up and forward them to you as
a potential guinea pig pool if you like.  :)~


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