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Re: login bug ?

>It's written and works just fine.  It's got enough subtleties that I
>think it deserves its own module.  I'm including the tar file as a
>MIME attachment -- Andrew, could you add this for the next release?

Did you do the PAMification of FTP/ftpd for RedHat?  I had a question
on what was happening with the S/Key module I was working on.  When I
write out the s/key information, it seems to interrupt the login
process (the FTP daemon writes it out and includes a 530 line that
doesn't have a '-').  I never end up getting the password prompt.

I gave more detail in the message I posted on S/Key a few days ago.
I'm hoping to start working on it again this afternoon, now that I
have the new release of our software done.

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