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Re: login bug ?

On Thu, 24 Oct 1996, Michael K. Johnson wrote:

> >I had a question
> >on what was happening with the S/Key module I was working on.  When I
> >write out the s/key information, it seems to interrupt the login
> >process (the FTP daemon writes it out and includes a 530 line that
> >doesn't have a '-').  I never end up getting the password prompt.
> >
> >I gave more detail in the message I posted on S/Key a few days ago.
> >I'm hoping to start working on it again this afternoon, now that I
> >have the new release of our software done.
> I don't know enough about ftp or s/key to be much help there.  I
> didn't even go through the ftpd patch to see how it worked; at the
> time I applied it I thought that Al knew what he was doing, and since
> it worked in every situation I tried it in, I didn't argue.
> I don't know exactly what behavior you *want* from ftp, and I don't
> quite understand where it went wrong; you'll have to read through the
> ftp source to figure that out...

I think basically what is happening is that he has to ask for a different
password for S/Key than for UNIX (the prompt has to be different).

Yet another reason to distinguish between authentication tokens for
different auth methods - right now PAM is practically limited to one
AUTHTOK for all auth methods.

-- Elliot

A: "Talk about stupidity!"
B: "Who, you?"
A: "No, me!"

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