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Re: ssh and md5.

SinVraal wrote:
> Hello all.  I wasn't really able to get too much info from the ssh list on
> this, but I'd like to use ssh with md5 passwords, so I could try to move
> my whole system to them (save xdm for now though!). 

This has been a concern for me too. I would like to have a PAM aware sshd.
Unfortunately, there are apparently some problems with reorganizing the code
to do things the PAM way, so currently, we are all waiting for a next
generation of ssh.

I've been thinking a lot about this lately and have wondered if it would be
impossible to simply replace the password checking in sshd with a simple:


In this way, we'd at least get the pluggable "authentication" which would be
enough to do md5 passwords in the way that you (and I) want.

> because he thought it just called the crypt(3) function which is

I guess you could also rebuild sshd but linking it against a crypt


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