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seg fault with passwd and pwdb.so module

I just noticed that when doing a 'passwd <username>' command as root, with
a username that does not exist, it prompts me for the new password, and
then the retype, and then seg faults.  Just thought I'd mention it :)

In the same situation using the pam_unix_passwd.so module, I get the
message "User not known to the underlying authentication module" before it
prompts me for anything.

I'm also having a problem executing the passwd program as a regular user.
When executing as root it handles changing passwords just fine.  If I just
execute it as myself, I get the message "cannot retrieve user's name".
This is after logging in through xdm with the pam_unix_* modules.  It
works fine if I login through ssh.  Is this maybe some kind of problem
between the pwdb mod that passwd is using and the pam_unix_* modules?  


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