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Null password + pam_unix_auth

	Hi, I have a question about handling empty passwords.. I've checked
the FAQ and the docs, but I didn't see anything about just this topic, so I
hope this isn't a gotcha. >=-)>

	We've got a new user service on one of our hosts: a restricted lynx
session that allows people to sign up for a new account.  This account has
no password. People simply type "new" and go straight to lynx...

	We've since upgraded to RHL Vanderbilt, and now /bin/login prompts
for a password; pressing enter will get you in.  That's fine, but I would
rather have the old behavior and keep it as automated as possible.

	I've thought about rlogin and .rhosts, but I want people to be able
to use telnet also.  I would rather avoid using a different TCP port and/or
unPAMified apps.  Assigning a public password would defeat automation.

	For dialin lines, I can use mgetty magic to do greet new users, but
that doesn't help with telnet/rlogin.  My goal is to have "telnet -l new
hostname" (from anywhere) start the special shell without further ado.

	Thanks in advance for any advice you have. >=-)>

					Craig S. Bell

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