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Re: Pam and SecurID (fwd)

Here is Alex's reply. As he says he is currently not subscribed to the PAM



Alexander O. Yuriev wrote:
> From alex@netaxs.com  Tue Feb 18 09:11:27 1997
> From: "Alexander O. Yuriev" <alex@netaxs.com>
> Subject: Re: Pam and SecurID (fwd)
> > Perhaps you might like to follow this one up?
> I am moving to a different place right now so I cannot post to the list
> but you may want to forward my reply.
> > > Hello!
> > > 
> > > We just got a lovely new ACE server and was wondering on the status of
> > > SecurID support? Actually what would work for me for authentication
> > > would be securid, xtacacs, tacacs+, or radius authentication. I looked
> > > at the Radius module, but it's for logging only :(
> The SecureID is not supported by PAM at this moment mainly due to the fact
> that our SecureID server does like my card. The only cards that will be
> supported RSN (read: when I get a chance to send a someone at Rutgers for
> final testing pam_safeword code ) are the cards that use SafeWord
> autehntication server. One of the reasons for the delay is that I still do
> not have an answer from SCC if it will be really pissed at me for
> releasing results of rev. engineering of the protocol clients use to
> communicate with the server.
> Alex

               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS
       [ For those that prefer FTP  ---  ftp://ftp.lalug.org/morgan ]

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