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Re: add user ?

On Fri, 21 Feb 1997, Michael K. Johnson wrote:

> Dave Kinchlea writes:
> >There is still a race condition here
> No kidding!  It's a shell script.

Are you always this friendly or are you saving your special sarcasm for
me? If you have been following the discussion you would have seen that
there is an alternative to your approach that is better (though *maybe*
not as good as C or Perl). Sasha's concern was that two people might be
using adduser at the same time, a valid concern in some places that I have
worked at. There is a way that Sasha mentioned and I showed by example to
reduce (and perhaps remove depending on the atomic nature of ln)  this
race, you may not feel it is needed, that is fine but to simply push it
off as `this is a shell script' [and so there is nothing to be done] is,
IMHO, shortsighted. You will, of course, do as you see fit but it is
precisely this attitude and coding practice that keeps me from using stock
RedHat releases for production systems.

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