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Re: Su doesn't work with pam-0.56

Cristian Gafton wrote:
[ cut]
> add yourself to the root group. This is what pam_wheel module is trying to
> tell you.
>                 Cristian Gafton

I don't know much about this 'wheel' business, except that I remember
reading a long (and somewhat rambling) article about it by Richard
Stallman (he called it 'fascist' and was against it !).

I must say I find it a bit confusing to distribute a new version of
pam with something like wheel security enabled, without a word of
warning. Better to comment it out in pam.conf, and point out in some doc
that pam can support this thing called wheel. (I can't find details
about wheel anywhere -- keep stumbling on cars <g>. It's a SUN thing,
isn't it?).

And here again the communication with the user is confusing as well:
su: password incorrect
is misleading, because it's so specific.
su: permission denied
would be an improvement.
su: only members of 'wheel'group can su to root
would be just great.

And again: whay is it necessary to ask the password of the user, when
it's already decided we can't grant permission ? (This is related to
the earlier nologin thread).


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