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Re: Su doesn't work with pam-0.56

Han Holl wrote:
> I don't know much about this 'wheel' business, except that I remember
> reading a long (and somewhat rambling) article about it by Richard
> Stallman (he called it 'fascist' and was against it !).

Yes. But, Mr Stallman didn't write any of Linux-PAM. So instead I'm afraid
you are, by default, exposed to the oppinions of others...

> that pam can support this thing called wheel. (I can't find details
> about wheel anywhere -- keep stumbling on cars <g>. It's a SUN thing,
> isn't it?).

The "root" group is UID=0. (By default pam_wheel uses this and not the
wheel(10) group).  Just add the usernames of the people you trust to be root
to the end of the first line of your /etc/group file.

> And again: whay is it necessary to ask the password of the user, when
> it's already decided we can't grant permission ? (This is related to
> the earlier nologin thread).

The solution is the same. Make wheel "requisite" instead.


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