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Re: snoop capabilities?

   From: "Andrew G. Morgan" <morgan@parc.power.net>
   Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 12:01:17 -0800 (PST)

   Jeremy wrote:

   > Here's a quick question.  Is there any sort of mechanism in PAM that would 
   > be able to provide snooping?  I've RTFM a bit, and it looks like the 
   > answer is no.  I want to make sure of this before I go off and try other 
   > means.  Yes, I know of in.telnetsnoopd, but that only works for telnet. It 
   Take a look at pam_filter.  You will need to write a logging filter (I'd
   estimate an hour to get something half-baked working). The only example I
   have supplied is a fun one: upperLOWER.  I never got around to writing a
   snoop filter because of too much else to do.  Feel free, and please submit
   it for inclusion in the main distribution...


	I think Jeremy is looking for something where you can snoop on
the entire login session, not just the PAM applications --- and the
answer to his question is No, PAM doesn't provide that level of an

						- Ted

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