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Pam and radius

Hi ppl

I'm shy to ask so simple questions. If there is a proper 
place to poke, please point me on the right direction ;>

I have two redhat 4.1 systems, one of them with users on
/etc/passwd (server ;>), and another one (client).
What do I have to do to:

- upgrade the servers to shadow

- use radius on the server (I got the radius 2.0 from
  livingston and the patches from Cristian - thanx man -
  they're compiled just fine)

- make the autoppp clients on the other machine authenticate
  using radius on the main server, preferable through pam :)
  this machine already has mgetty with autoppp working

I have:


thank all of you for the attention and nice work on PAM


  Bruno Lopes F. Cabral                   bruno@openline.com.br
  http://www.openline.com.br            Joao Pessoa, PB, Brazil

In most countries selling harmful things like drugs is punishable.
Then howcome people can sell Micro$oft software and go unpunished?

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