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Re: Pam and radius

>>> Tomas Heredia wrote
> 	Actually, PAM only support RADIUS for accounting, no authenticating.
> You could get radiusclient from sunsite (I don't remember the exact path).
> 	Another thing is that Livignston RADIUS server is restricted (by
> (C)) to use whith Livingston Hardware (portmaster?). Y recomend you to use
> Merit RADIUS server instead.

We have it working here with authentication against the Merit daemon. The
Merit daemon is very very dodgy code. Unfortunately it doesn't look like
it's going to be releasable (the module relies on our own rather extensively
modified version of the Merit code.)

The IETF wg on Radius specifically excludes discussion on non-terminal-server
uses of the protocol. Once I have finished the current backlog of work here,
I intend to try and get the IETF to look at doing other stuff with it.


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