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Re: Pam and radius

> Hi!
> 	Actually, PAM only support RADIUS for accounting, no authenticating.
> You could get radiusclient from sunsite (I don't remember the exact path).

I have a old patch to let pppd auth through radius (I'm currently
using it). The question could be more on how to set up the radius server 
in a PAM way to do authentication and accounting. I think if I had read 
right on Cristian homepage that radius-pam can do that in the same 
machine, is that ok?

what have I to upgrade (in what order) to make it work?
need some pam.conf configuration? only rpm'ing the stuff?

> 	Another thing is that Livignston RADIUS server is restricted (by
> (C)) to use whith Livingston Hardware (portmaster?). Y recomend you to use
> Merit RADIUS server instead.

<g> I know that. I have done a bit hacking on the older (public?)
version of radius from livingston. Please note that
merit radius is very difficult code to work on :~(

in other way I plan to buy portmasters to remote POPs but now
I'm planing the users migration to autoppp and radius and I
wish to do it in the right way (planning for future!)

> Bye!

thanx for answering!

> > - use radius on the server (I got the radius 2.0 from
> >   livingston and the patches from Cristian - thanx man -
> >   they're compiled just fine)
> > 
> > - make the autoppp clients on the other machine authenticate
> >   using radius on the main server, preferable through pam :)
> >   this machine already has mgetty with autoppp working

Cheers, !3runo

  Bruno Lopes F. Cabral                   bruno@openline.com.br
  http://www.openline.com.br            Joao Pessoa, PB, Brazil

In most countries selling harmful things like drugs is punishable.
Then howcome people can sell Micro$oft software and go unpunished?

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