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Re: Pam and radius

Mark Lillywhite wrote:
> I've looked through the volumes of documentation but couldn't access the
> actual DCE-RFC document (from the web pages at parc.power.net). So here are
> my questions!

Mmm. Not sure what is up with the rfc site. I have changed the html to point
to a local copy on the parc.power.net page (it is actually in the doc/specs
directory of the Linux-PAM source tree).

> I can't work out where the user ID and group ID(s) are supposed to be set
> by PAM. In fact, from reading the pam_unix*.c and login.c code it seems to
> me that it's still the application's responsability to determine a numeric
> UID and GID(s)... which seems quite strange to me. Is there a standard way

PAM does not address this concern. POSIX supplies some functions getpwnam
and getpwuid that are in libc that are supposed to absract this. Libc does
all the nisswitch stuff to point them to actual databases.

Libpwdb was intended to replace the interface in libc... It should be easily
extended to any new database.. But of course someone has to add support for
each one.

Hope that helped

               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS
       [ For those that prefer FTP  ---  ftp://ftp.lalug.org/morgan ]

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