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Re: Pam and radius

On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, Anthony Baxter wrote:

> >>> Daniel wrote
> > Can you share this? Does it work with regular clients (IE, Portmasters?)
> I can't share the code - it's based on the $$$ Merit code.
> I can probably share some details on how we're doing things, although
> it's straying somewhat from the topic of this mailing list, and I'm 
> reluctant to bore everyone else. Andrew?
> > When a user changes their password on a client, how would it get updated
> > on the central server? I don't think that you can change passwords via
> > RADIUS (although it would be nice).
> In our case, radius just mirrors whats in the real backend database. a web
> page allows users to change passwd, that pushes the change into the DB, and
> that also means the radiusd gets it straight away.

Sounds very much what we are doing with RADIUS NT and (yich) Cold Fusion
now. I hope to god that my Linux ODBC drivers for MS-SQL get here FAST!!!

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